Created in 2015, AAUCARRE is a Independant Parisian brand. It is the fruit of a lenghty reflection. His creator,  who goes by the alias AA, was an iconic figure of organized crime during the year 2000's. He says that only fashion allow him to express his subversive ways without violence.


"It is either clothes or prison; and i do not want to go back to prison your Honor".That's what he declared during his last hearing, then terminating ten long years of confinement.

Despite his obvious attraction for women and easy money, AA's intention are genuinely good, his core values being: diversity, positivity and respect to name a few.


If AA does not put himself forward in regard to the brand it is for a good reason.

"In crime, I've learned a lot. You have to be discrete and never be too greedy.


"The less they hear about you, the further you will go in this industry." These were the only words that AA  gave us during our short meeting at a café in le Sentier, a small district located in the center of Paris.


He said that he had things to but he invited us to follow him wherever it was possible if we wanted to but at our own risk.


Some of the things that have been reported here are true, and we will let you decide what is.